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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gary Johnson At 3% In Arizona In New Behavior Research Center/Rocky Mountain Poll

In yet another state, Gary Johnson is playing a major role in the outcome in the Presidential race. With their respective bases all but sewn up, Obama and Romney are needing the independent vote but in this current Arizona poll, Governor Johnson is polling at 7%, with 18% still undecided.

This poll shows that there is even more room for Gary Johnson to grow his vote total in the Grand Canyon State as a demographic groups show at least 10% are still undecided.

Given the amount of media that both Obama and Romney receive, for this many people to have not made up there minds with less than 30 days until the election, Gov Johnson could win some of these votes.

Behavior Research Center/Rocky Mountain Poll

Q If the election for President of the United States were being held today and the candidates were (ROTATE SEQUENCE) Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Mitt Romney, Green Party Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson which one would you vote for?

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