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Monday, July 23, 2012

Gary Johnson Detained Twice By TSA After Refusing "Rapist Scan"

Daily Caller
In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson said he has been detained twice for his refusal to cooperate with invasive searches by airport security.

“I don’t go through the rapist machine,” Johnson said. “I’ve been in this case twice where I’ve been patted down and the gloves reveal nitrates, and so now I have to go to a private screening room where all my luggage is taken apart.”

Johnson said he argues with Transportation Security Administration officials “every single time” he passes through airport security and described the typical dispute that ensues.

“How come that guy didn’t have to take off his shoes and I do?” Johnson said he asks. “’Well that guy works here at the airport.’ ‘Oh, I see, and he isn’t going to carry bombs in his shoes but I am in mine?’”

Johnson isn’t the only libertarian-minded politician to be held up by the TSA, as Senator Rand Paul was detained in January for refusing a pat-down. Paul’s experience resulted in an “End the TSA Money Bomb” that raised funds for the presidential campaign of his father, Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul.

The TSA’s invasive search tactics would subside if he is elected, Johnson promised, but he did not rule out the possibility of “racial profiling” as a part of what his campaign website describes as a “risk-based approach to airport security.”

In the meantime, the former New Mexico governor said he is “optimistic” about his chances in November and will continue to fight the TSA.

“I fill out a [complaint] form all the time,” Johnson said. “I’ve never received a response, not one response for all of my complaints.”

Gary Johnson At 13% In PPP New Mexico Poll 7/18


If the candidates for President this year were
Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Mitt
Romney, and Libertarian Gary Johnson, who
would you vote for?

Barack Obama....42%
Mitt Romney.... 38%
Gary Johnson... 13%
Undecided....... 6%

The bad news first, Gary Johnson is down 2% in his home state from April and is losing support among Democrats (-2%) and Republicans (-5%) over the same period. (Surprising aside, Romney has gained 10% with Democrat when Johnson is included and 9% when he is not. This has got to worry Barry and his minions a LOT).

The good news however is that the Former New Mexico Governor gained 1% with Independents to 24% and his favorability is up 2% while his negative is down 2%. In this measure, Democrats and Independents are basically unchanged from how they felt about Gary Johnson in April but his positive among Republicans is up 6 to 44% while his negative is down 7 to 34%.

For now Gary Johnson can be happy with this poll's results. A slight misstep by one or both of this opponents could result in a big jump in his numbers in New Mexico.

Gary Johnson Could Appear in Presidential Debates

It appears that the noise that Gary Johnson and his supporters are making for his inclusion in the debates is being noticed. We must continue to keep the pressure on.

For those who have seen The Shawshank Redemption, we all remember what Andy Dufresne said after his once a week letter writing campaign to get funding and supplies for the prison library was successful, "From now on, I send two letters a week instead of one."

In other words, now that we know they are sick of hearing from us, we need to make twice as much noise.

US News
After weeks of angry protests on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter to get Libertarian party nominee Gary Johnson in the presidential debates, Janet Brown from the Commission on Presidential Debates tells Whispers he might appear there.

Supporters of Johnson, a former New Mexico governor, have repeatedly said their candidate has been unfairly excluded from presidential election coverage by the mainstream media, hurting his chances to appear in the debates.

That anger only heightened last week when a electoral map generated by data from, an online app that connects voters with candidates based on their platform stances, showed that Johnson would be the next president if voters cast ballots based solely on the issues.

But Brown told Whispers no decisions on candidate selection have been made yet. Those lobbying to get Johnson in the debates, she said, are "making assumptions about something that has not [happened]."

According to the commission site, a candidate must fulfill three criteria, and Johnson seems to meet them.

Johnson, of course, fulfills an age and nationality requirement, and he has recently met the second criterion as well: That a candidate's name must "appear on enough state ballots to have at least a mathematical chance of securing an Electoral College majority in the 2012 general election."

But the third requirement could lead to Johnson's exclusion. The commission requires a candidate to secure at least 15 percent in selected polls, which Johnson has not yet done. (Gary Johnson polled at 5.3 percent in a poll earlier this month by JZ Analytics; an April Public Policy Polling poll showed him at 6 percent.)
Johnson campaign spokesman Joe Hunter told Whispers of the 15 center benchmark: "We're certainly working towards that and hoping to achieve it."

Johnson's supporters have centered much of their polling frustrations on CNN, which has not included the candidate in their polling since last September. A Twitter hashtag #BlackoutCNN has been used hundreds of times over the last several weeks. Earlier this month, 100 protesters stood outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta with signs and T-shirts asking the network to "Include Gary!" according to the Independent Voter Network.

A request for comment from CNN was not immediately returned, but Hunter told Whispers that whether CNN includes Johnson or not, the campaign is "optimistic" Johnson could appear at the first debate, which will take place Oct. 3 at the University of Denver in Colorado.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mike Church Interviews Gary Johnson 6/12

Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Interview - Governor Gary Johnson on the Dude Maker Hotline with us. Governor, does it concern you that it seems both of the major parties seem not to care about how our wars are waged, how they are declared, and how we continue fighting them? Even up to this moment right now, there are people that don’t have a decision to make when it comes to sending troops to Syria or Iran, but they sure as heck are out there advocating for that proposition. Does that bother you? What would you do as president to stop that? Check out today's transcript for Mr. Johnson's answer...

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: Governor Johnson, former governor of the great State of New Mexico, now a candidate for the Libertarian Party for the Office of the Presidency of the United States. Governor, it’s been way too long. How are you, my friend?

Gary Johnson: I’m fine. Headed off to Las Vegas this morning for Freedom Fest.

Mike: Oh, you’re at Freedom Fest? Tom Woods will be there, a bunch of dignitaries.

Gary Johnson: I’m about to head off to Las Vegas.

Mike: Governor Johnson, it’s been a while, so let’s catch up really quick. You’re making some press here lately. I wanted to ask you if you’ve read your press on Politico, Washington Post, Fox News, Wall Street Journal saying that Johnson could be Buchanan and Nader in 2000, that you could play the role of spoiler. You’re not running for president to play the role of spoiler, are you, my friend?

Gary Johnson: No, I’m not. The idea here is to win. The only way that happens, Mike, is if I poll 15 percent and get to be on the national debate stage with Romney and Obama. I am going to be one of three candidates on the ballot in all 50 states, which I think also gives some impetus to getting on stage, when people realize that. I am the only candidate that’s talking about slashing spending. I’m the only candidate that’s really talking about maintaining civil liberties. I’m the only candidate that wants to get out of Afghanistan tomorrow, bring the troops home, so end our military conflicts.

Mike: Last time I spoke with you, you had just articulated a plan, I believe, and maybe I got my numbers reversed, it was either cut 34 percent or 43 percent of next year’s budget. Are you still with that and what is the number?

Gary Johnson: Yeah, good job. It’s 43 percent. That would be the amount of money that we’re printing and borrowing to maintain this deficit, so $1.4 trillion reduction in federal spending, believing that unless we slash spending, we’re going to find ourselves in the midst of a monetary collapse where the money that we have doesn’t buy anything because of the accompanying inflation that goes along with what it is we’re doing. I don’t think we’re immune from the mathematics of continuing to borrow and print 43 cents out of every dollar we’re spending.

Mike: Governor Gary Johnson on the Dude Maker Hotline with us. Governor, does it concern you that it seems both of the major parties seem not to care about how our wars are waged, how they are declared, and how we continue fighting them? Even up to this moment right now, there are people that don’t have a decision to make when it comes to sending troops to Syria or Iran, but they sure as heck are out there advocating for that proposition. Does that bother you? What would you do as president to stop that?

Gary Johnson: It infuriates me. For starters, as president, if you were going to engage the U.S. military in a conflict, Congress would have to buy off on that. It infuriates me that politicians beat on their chest and they’re going to save you and I from terrorism at a cost of what? Men and servicewomen losing their lives, men and servicewomen coming back to the country with their limbs blown off. That infuriates me and it’s politicians with a basis in really reelecting as opposed to national security, as opposed to genuine defense of this country.

Mike: So you would be the -- George Bush, Sr. was called the education president. You would be the common defense president.

Gary Johnson: I would be the peace candidate. Elected president, I would declare peace and bring our troops home from the conflicts that we are involved in. These conflicts come at a gigantic cost: men and servicewomen losing their lives, and the treasure that we are spending building roads, schools, bridges, highways and hospitals in other countries as opposed to here. Don’t we have those same needs here?

Read the rest of the interview here

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Johnson wins election if based on issues

What if people voted on what candidate aligned with them most closely on issues and not based on who the media gatekeepers thinks you should vote for? 

Here’s what the election map would look like....

The map is created off the results of over 600,000 quiz takers on the iSideWith site. Users answer 36 questions that cover a range of issues from social, environment, science, foreign policy, domestic policy, immigration, the economy, and healthcare. Their answers are matched up with the candidates answers and then they are shown who they align most closely with.

iSideWith generates state by state breakdowns so you can see which state supports which candidate. I tabulated the data and assigned the electoral votes to the winner of each state. iSideWith included a couple candidates in their questionnaire who will only be on the ballot in a handful of states so I excluded them, but I did include the Constitution, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, and Republican candidates.

The Results

Barack Obama, as the incumbent, wins a total of 217 electoral votes in 16 states. He wins the states you’d expect him to win - the west coast, north east and a few in the great lakes region.

Jill Stein (Green Party) beats out Obama in Vermont and Hawaii which are two of the most left leaning states and wins a total of 7 electoral votes.

Mitt Romney only wins 4 states - Utah, Alaska, South Dakota, and Alabama - and receives 21 votes.

Virgil Goode’s (Constitution Party) best showing was 3rd place in South Dakota, but generally placed in the back of the pack taking sixth in 43 states.

Ron Paul wins 3 states - Arizona, Wyoming, and North Dakota, but racked up the most second place finishes with 27. Paul received 17 electoral votes.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) claims the title of President by collecting enough electoral votes to put him in the White House with 284 votes (270 is the magic number to win the presidency) by winning 28 states

My Thoughts

  1. These results are what I would expect if the Commission of Presidential Debate gate keepers were to let Johnson into the debates, but as of right now they have set an arbitrary 15% threshold which instituted after Ross Perot almost upset the old party system when he was included in the debates when he was only polling at 7%. The debate appearances shot Perot up to 38% in the polls. Johnson would very likely follow Perot’s trajectory if Johnson was included in the general election debates.
  2. When results are based on matching voters to candidates on issues you end up with minor parties winning some electoral votes because there is no wasted vote syndrome to deal with. You might expect a similar sort of result with alternative voting methods such as Ranked Choice Voting or Approval Voting with fully informed voters
  3. The final question comes down to: Do we want a qualified candidate leading the country who 81.3% of question respondents agree with or someone with only 75% or 65% agreement?

Here is the spreadsheet with the calculations of the results based on’s data as of July 18, 2012, at approximately 8PM ET.

[Note: updated map to fix some errors. ME and NV were marked as Obama winning, but Johnson was winner. WY was a tie for first with Paul/Johnson and IA was a tie for first with Obama/Johnson so these states are striped.]

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blackout CNN For Gary Johnson

Blackout CNN


CNN has never given Gary Johnson a fair shot. At first, CNN refused to include Gov. Johnson in their polls for Republican primaries. After complaints, they included him one time, and he polled higher than Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and Jon Huntsman. So CNN removed Gov. Johnson from their polling choices. They made a rule that said that only people polling at more than 2% could be in the televised debates. But how could Gov. Johnson meet their thresholds if he was not included in the polls? CNN shut Gary Johnson out of the Republican primary debates.

Now they are at it again! As a Libertarian, Gov. Johnson cannot appear in the national debates unless he polls at least 15%! But once again, CNN refuses to include Gov. Johnson in their polls.

FACT: Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states as a third choice for President.

FACT: Gary Johnson has significant polling numbers in numerous states – between 7% and 12%.

FACT: Gary Johnson is a major factor in the 2012 election, is newsworthy and is a voice that reflects Americans and democracy. The people have a right to know about him.

So why is CNN blacking Gary Johnson out? Is CNN so biased that they want their 2-party candidates to be the only candidates? Will they abandon all journalistic integrity, fundamental fairness and their viewers?

Ask them WHY! Demand that CNN cover Gov. Johnson and include him on the polls. We the People have had enough of this media blackout.

And to show them we mean it, we are going to BLACKOUT CNN!

1. Protests at CNN Headquarters and Local Stations [July 15 and 16]

2. Twitter and Social Media Blackout [July 16]

3. Telephone Blackout [July 16]

4. Grassroots Fundraiser (aka Money Bomb) [July 15 and 16]


Who: Everyone!

What: Protests at CNN Headquarters (or local stations for those who can’t make it)

When: July 15 – July 16, 2012. Starts at 10:30 a.m.

Where: 190 Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Notes: It’s very important to have as many people as possible at this protest. Publicize this widely – email, Facebook, Craigslist, bulletin boards, local media, etc. No idea is a bad one – get the word out! Bring as many people as you can! This is our one shot to really make a difference and be heard, grassroots style. Bring signs!

We are outraged that CNN would control information and try to pick our candidates for us!


Who: Everyone!

What: Take to Twitter and other social media and call on CNN to include Gov. Johnson

When: July 16, 2012, 11:00 a.m. Eastern

Where: Twitter, Facebook and everywhere!

Notes: The most powerful of these tools is Twitter, followed by Facebook. But all Social Media mentions are welcome! Everyone take to their computers and phones and demand that CNN take notice. We start at 11 and continue all day.

Tweets to: @CNN , @CNNPolitics , @CNNBRK (breaking news)
Hashtag: #BlackoutCNN. Please do not use this tag until July 16 at 11 am EST.

EXAMPLE: “#BlackoutCNN like they have blacked out @GovGaryJohnson ! Include him in your polling @CNN .

The more we do, the more likely it is that we will be picked up by other media, as well, who will pressure CNN to pay attention!


Who: Everyone!

What: Call CNN and demand that they include Gov. Johnson

When: Beginning July 16, 2012, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern (See Schedule)

Where: CNN (404) 827-1500

Notes: States are paired up to work together for 30 minute intervals. We will work at this EVERYDAY until CNN includes Gov. Johnson, but July 16 is important to make an impact. We are asking for only a few minutes of a lot of people’s time. We need as many people as possible to call.

· Stay on the line until you talk to a live person.

· Ask to speak to whomever is in charge of polling and debates for the Presidential Race

· Sample script: “I would like for CNN to include Libertarian Nominee Governor Gary Johnson in their polling for the general election because he represents my views on many subjects, ________ being one of them. Will you please begin including him in your polling?”

· If enough people call at once, we can jam their phone lines, which will also get their attention. Libertarians did that to Herman Cain’s radio show, and he included the candidate after that, so this can be very effective.

(All times are listed as Eastern time so adjust for each state’s time accordingly)

9:00 to 9:30 am: Florida, Connecticut
9:30 to 10:00 am: Delaware, Georgia
10:00 to 10:30 am: District of Columbia, South Carolina
10:30 to 11:00 am: North Carolina, Maine, Massachusetts
11:00 to 11:30 am: Maryland, Alabama
11:30 to 12:00 pm: Pennsylvania, Maryland
12:00 to 12:30 pm: New York, New Jersey
12:30 to 1:00 pm: Vermont, Virginia
1:00 to 1:30 pm: West Virginia, New Hampshire
1:30 to 2:00 pm: Ohio, Rhode Island
2:00 to 2:30 pm: Mississippi, Illinois
2:30 to 3:00 pm: Michigan, Indiana
3:00 to 3:30 pm: Missouri, Wisconsin
3:30 to 4:00 pm: Louisiana, Arkansas
4:00 to 4:30 pm: Kentucky, Tennessee
4:30 to 5:00 pm: Oklahoma, Iowa
5:00 to 5:30 pm: Kansas, Minnesota
5:30 to 6:00 pm: Texas
6:00 to 6:30 pm: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska
6:30 to 7:00 pm: New Mexico, Montana
7:00 to 7:30 pm: Colorado, Wyoming
7:30 to 8:00 pm: Utah, Arizona
8:00 to 8:30 pm: Idaho, Nevada
8:30 to 9:00 pm: Alaska California
9:00 to 9:30 pm: Hawaii, Oregon, Washington

Blackout CNN moneybomb

Show your support for a candidate who really represents the people. No more elistist-picked, big government candidates! Show CNN that we have the voices and the dollars to support Gov. Johnson and Judge Gray.

Every dollar counts, and is a huge assistance for the campaign. Please donate $10, $25, $50 … up to $2500 per individual towards the campaign. Every dollar we raise shows the media and the two-party establishment that we are fed up with the “choices” they force upon us.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New JZ Analytics Poll - Gary Johnson At 5.3% Nationally

If the election for president were held today, for whom would you vote?

Democrat Barack Obama .....43.6%
Republican Mitt Romney.....38.0%
Libertarian Gary Johnson....5.3%
Not sure...................13.1%

According to the poll Gary Johnson pulls more away from Mittens (4.1%) than he does from Barry (1.3%). Most polls where the former New Mexico Governor has been included generally showed that Johnson pulled equally from both, within 1%, so maybe this means that people are waking up to the fact that the Mittster is a horrible choice and is Obama-lite when it comes to most issues.

While this is down from the 7% Gary Johnson was pulling in a March PPP poll, he is still pleased, as he told Capitol Report New Mexico. "It’s all good, from our vantage point a lot more money is coming in. If people get the notion that I could win, that could be a game-changer. We’re not there yet, I’m not saying that, but these numbers are encouraging."

What Gary Johnson needs right now is money and exposure. It's encouraging to hear that a generous Libertarian supporter has recently donated $1 Million to a GJ2012 Super Pac but more is needed.

One way you can help is by participating in the #BlackoutCNN Twitter Bomb on Monday July 16th to @CNN, @CNNPolitics and @CNNBRK urging CNN to give Gary Johnson fair coverage.

The more people that hear about Gary Johnson, the better his chance to be included in the polls and hit the 15% mark that he needs to get into the national debates.

LP VP Judge Gray Announces $1,000,000 Donation

Independent Political Report

Judge Jim Gray, at the Gary Johnson fundraiser held at former VP Nominee and current LNC member Wayne Allyn Root’s home, before a crowd of about 80 donors gathered around the outdoor pool on an unusually cool and humid Las Vegas evening, announced that a generous Libertarian supporter had recently donated $1,000,000 to a super pac supporting the Gary Johnson 2012 campaign to “keep us going.”

Judge Gray then repeated his statement that he accepted Governor Johnson’s invitation to become his VP running mate on the condition that the Governor run the race to win it. Judge Gray then outlined what he sees as a strategy to win — fighting “tooth and nail” to get into the debates, providing a message that Americans are “craving,” and running national advertising reminding voters that the hundreds of millions spent by Obama and Romney represent dollars that they owe others for political favors, while a vote for Johnson/Gray is a vote to represent real people, not special interests. He also encouraged everyone present to urge their friends not to hang up on polling companies, and to tell them they were supporting Governor Johnson . . . at least long enough to make the 15 percent polling hurdle for being in the debates.

Prior to Judge Gray’s announcement the Root family hosted a perfectly executed dinner party in their spacious Henderson NV home. BBQ Ribs, alcohol, fine desserts and all the extras flowed abundantly. LNC member Brett Pojunis introduced the first speaker who related a story of fishing in Alaska with a friend who was so (either fatigued, or inspired by) hearing stories about Gary Johnson that he eventually donated $2,500.00. Wayne was next, mentioning that he had never been fishing, but in what may have been his most adamant and passionate endorsement of the Johnson/Gray campaign urged everyone present to “give till it hurts” and to support the campaign because “while the Democrats are driving over the cliff at 180 mph, the Republicans are driving at that same cliff at 120 mph” and “we’re heading over the cliff either way” and “we can’t let that happen.” Wayne urged everyone present to support Gary Johnson.

Gary then gave an impassioned appeal for support declaring his intention to win and relating how he was also given zero chance of being elected Governor of New Mexico. His success there was due to running cutting edge videos and catching the support of both disaffected Republicans and Democrats. He described himself not as a “third choice” but as the ONLY choice given the similar positions of Romney and Obama on wars, taxes, health care, social tolerance, domestic spying, the police state and liberty verses massive government intervention into all areas of American life.

Judge Gray made remarks as summarized above and then introduced long-time Republican political operative Roger Stone. Stone related his conversion to Libertarianism following work on 8 Republican national elections and declared that he “plays the odds” and that the odds are moving strongly in a libertarian direction. He described Johnson/Gray as the most qualified, most articulate candidates in the race, clearly credible and missing only the cash (or “mother’s milk of politics”) needed to break through for a win. He encouraged everyone present to give the maximum of $2,500 per individual or more through the PAC identified by Judge Gray. He mentioned, to laughter, that there were people with baseball bats at the doors waiting for those who failed to give as much as they can.

Brett then thanked everyone for coming. Wayne reminded everyone that this is Las Vegas, and there were “really people with baseball bats” and again asked everyone present to support the campaign. He also introduced a professional photographer who was present to take photos of anyone who wanted one with the Governor, Judge or anyone else.

In this reporter’s experience the event was perfectly executed, very well attended and an apparent unqualified success. The crowd seemed energized and was reluctant to leave. Several small buses were used to transport attendees from Freedom Fest to Wayne’s home and back. The bus ride back was, at least for the bus this reporter was on, highly energized with expressions of gratitude to the Roots, the million dollar donor and for the very real possibility that Gary Johnson and Judge Gray could actually be in the debates.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let’s Put Gov Gary Johnson On The National Debate Stage!

Gary Johnson 2012

You know the story. The elite national news media and the Establishment-created Commission on Presidential Debates have rigged the game to try to limit this fall’s presidential debates to only the Democrat Barack Obama, and the Republican Mitt Romney.

They have rigged the debates by picking a number out of the air and declaring that a presidential candidate must have at least 15 percent support in a sample of national polls that – you guessed it – they choose.

Never mind that one out of three Americans don’t consider themselves to be either Republicans or Democrats, or that, in poll after poll, a sizable percentage of voters say they would seriously consider a ‘third party’ candidate.

And never mind that their arbitrary and unfair polling requirement might exclude from the debates a successful two-term governor who will likely be on the ballot in all 50 states.

If you agree that this debate-rigging is just plain wrong, go to and do something about it. Give Gov. Johnson a podium by joining our “15% in the Polls” Money Bomb.

The two-party establishment doesn’t want Gov. Gary Johnson in the debates for one simple reason: They don’t really want to have debates. They don’t really want to give a national microphone to a candidate who will challenge business-as-usual. And if they succeed in keeping Gov. Johnson off the stage, they will get exactly what they want.

What they want is a “debate” between two candidates who will argue over which government health care program is better, Obamacare or Romneycare. They don’t want to hear from a candidate who will actually scrap the job-killing tax code. What they want is a Republican and a Democrat who will just quibble about how to tinker with the existing system that lets them hand out subsidies and benefits to their friends.

Without Gov. Johnson on the debate stage, there will be NO debate about wars. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both support foreign intervention. There will be NO debate about civil liberties. Just a Democrat and a Republican who both support the Patriot Act, who both will continue the failed War on Drugs, and neither of whom will defend marriage equality as a constitutional right.

If you want REAL debates, go to today and make a contribution that will put Gov. Johnson on the stage.

America deserves – and wants – to see real presidential debates. With enough financial support, we can make sure that Gov. Johnson has an opportunity to deliver a message of true liberty, real freedom and financial sanity. Help him show America that there really is a choice in this election.

The goal of our Money Bomb, starting today, is to raise $10,000 for every percentage point in the polls we need in order to put a podium on the stage for Gov. Johnson. Help make sure we do just that! Go to today and make a contribution.

Your support is the key. We can do this.

Thank you,

Ron Nielson
Senior Advisor
Gary Johnson 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gary Johnson; Spoiler Or Contender

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

We have seen from the beginning that his campaign for President, as both a Republican and Libertarian, has managed to garner little traction with voters due to the lack of coverage by the lamestream mediots and slights by polling organizations. Add in that he was only invited to participate in 2 out of 13 GOP debates even though he was polling as good or better than three of the invitees; Cain, Santorum and Huntsman, you can see why not may people have heard of the former two-term New Mexico Governor.

But something interesting seems to be happening, Gary Johnson is beginning to enter the ridicule phase.

It's not outright ridicule of course, but rather a portrayal of him as a dark-horse candidate waging a Quixotic campaign which he can't win and will only serve to be a spoiler.

The not-so-subtle message; a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Barack Obama.

This is ridiculous of course, Gary Johnson's message is worlds apart from both of his rivals. Where Johnson is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility and social tolerance, his rivals are simply running on maintaining the status quo of their respective parties, with very little daylight in between on key issues. Both Obama and Romney are in favor of government intervention at home and military intervention abroad with little interest in protecting civil liberties or upholding the Constitution.

When contrasted with his rivals, it is crystal clear why the power brokers don't want to see Gary Johnson gain any traction; if the American electorate were to receive a fair analysis of Johnson, he just might have a chance to win. This would be terrible news for the Republiocrat stranglehold on our political system.

As we have seen in the last two elections, the mediots play the role of kingmakers.

In 2008 a little known Illinois Senator came out of nowhere to beat the Clinton Machine and ultimately win the Presidency with the help of the mediots. The same can be said in the 2012 GOP Primaries where, with the media's help, various candidates jumped to the front of the pack only to fall back to earth once the reporting on them had turned.

There is a silver lining in all this. As the saying goes, any press is good press and right now it is a positive for Gary Johnson to just have his name mentioned in the same conversation as his two main rivals. The more the electorate hears about him the better his chances are to gain traction. Once this happens he will enter phase three, they will fight him.

One thing to consider, in a three-way race that is going to be tight, it is only going to take a plurality to win.

Gary Johnson may just shock the world; stranger things have happened.

Via Memeorandum

Gov Gary Johnson Responds To Anemic June Jobs Report

Gary Johnson 2012


July 6, 2012, Tampa, FL — Presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson released the following statement regarding the June jobs report:

“The anemic jobs numbers for June simply confirm what Americans already know: That employers cannot and will not hire new employees with the federal government continuing to rack up trillions of new debt, a tax system that does all the wrong things, and massive uncertainty about the true costs of impending health care mandates.

“Abolish income taxes, repeal the health care mandate, eliminate deficits, and then watch as American entrepreneurs and the private sector put millions back to work.

“The time for hand-wringing and nibbling around the edges is past. We don’t need a 10-year plan for balancing the budget; we need a 1-year plan. We don’t need token reductions in income taxes; we need to eliminate them. And we need to elect a President and a Congress who get the simple fact that less government will mean more jobs.”

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Supporters Of Gov. Gary Johnson To Organize CNN Protest

Gov. Johnson’s supporters in the Southeast are planning to converge on CNN Headquarters in Atlanta July 15-16. Here’s an email from Chris Hill with the details:

Here is an opportunity to do something about it!

July 15 & 16, supporters of Gov. Johnson – and folks who just believe in fairness – are gathering at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta to let the network know that voters deserve the chance to learn that there is another choice in November besides President Obama and Gov. Romney.

People need to know that there IS a voice for social tolerance and fiscal sanity in the presidential race, and that voice is Gary Johnson.

This isn’t just about Gov. Johnson. And it isn’t just about CNN. If the major media organizations across the country don’t even include Governor Johnson in their polls, much less their coverage, millions of Americans who are ready for a third choice in 2012 will be robbed of their opportunity to be heard.

We want to let CNN – and all the other networks – know that we will not be shut out.
Join us in Atlanta July 15-16! Then support our Twitter Bomb on July 16th at 11 a.m. EDT by using the following Hashtag: #BlackoutCNN.

For details, carpooling options, and everything else you need to know about our “protest”, visit: CNN Protest For Fair Coverage of Governor Johnson.

Please donate to this cause at: or at”

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"I Like Gary Johnson But He Can't Win"

I hear this all the time. With people I know, on the blogs, on twitter; the common theme being that Gary Johnson is the best candidate for President who will be on the ballot in all 50 States come November, but they won't vote for him because he can't win.

The general mindset among these folks is that the former New Mexico washed out of the GOP race before the primaries, has little name recognition and was essentially made persona non grata by the lamestream mediots with their blackout of his campaign. These people like Gary Johnson and his proposals but since he is not the choice of the power brokers in this country, he can't win and they would be "wasting" their vote on him.

As it stands right now, Gov Johnson gets about 6-9% in state and national polls but with only 20-25% name recognition. That, my friends, is truly unheard of; that a candidate that almost no one knows is polling as high as he is.

So who is Gary Johnson and what has he accomplished? Well here's the skinny
-Built a one-man handyman business into one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico with over 1,000 employees
-Vetoed 750 bills during his time in office; 32% of the total number of bills submitted for his signature
-Used Line Item Veto thousands of times to trim the budget
-Cut taxes 14 times while never raising them
-Limited annual state budget growth to 5.0% during eight years in office
-Created more than 20,000 new jobs
-Cut over 1,200 government jobs without firing anyone
-Left New Mexico with a budget surplus and one of the only four states in the country with a balanced budget
It should also be noted that Gary Johnson has more executive experience than both his opponents combined. Romney served only one term as Governor in Massachusetts and Obama, who has only been POTUS for 3+ years, had none prior to his election. Johnson served two terms as a Republican in a State with a 2-1 Democrat majority.

Ok, so that is all well and good, but what would Gary Johnson do if he were elected? You asked, so here you go.
-Submit a Balanced Budget to Congress in 2013
-Cut Government spending by 43%
-Repeal ObamaCare and the Medicare prescription drug benefit
-Abolish the IRS
-Audit the Fed
-Stop spending on the fiscal stimulus, transportation, energy, housing, etc
-Eliminate government support of Fannie and Freddie
-Bring the troops home from Afghanistan and cut military spending
-Protect civil liberties
-Work to repeal the PATRIOT Act
-End Cannabis prohibition
So now I ask you, why wouldn't you vote for Gary Johnson? He has a proven track record as being fiscally conservative and socially tolerant; things that all liberty-minded American support.

A vote for Obama or Romney is a vote for the lesser of two evils, which means you are still voting for evil. A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote to get America back on track.

One thing to keep in mind, in a race that is as close as this one is going to be, it will only take about 34-40% to win the Presidency.

On this Fourth of July, declare your independence from the Republiocrat controlled system by supporting and promoting Gary Johnson for President. If every person who has said "I like Gary Johnson but he can't win" did vote for him, he would win and we would be well on the road to recovery.

Be that irate, tireless minority that Samuel Adams spoke about.

Monday, July 2, 2012