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Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank You From Gov. Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson 2012


The first words I must say to you are THANK YOU.

We made history Tuesday. Thanks to you and thousands of other supporters of real liberty, my running mate, Judge Jim Gray, and I received more votes than any other Libertarian candidates for President and Vice-President in history. Even with the closeness of the contest between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, when all the votes are counted, we will most likely have received 1.2 million votes!

That’s 1.2 million Americans who heard us and voted on the basis of principle over politics. And they did so despite the fact that Romney and Obama spent at least a thousand times more on TV and radio advertising than we did.

Given the outcome Tuesday, which returned the status quo to not only the White House, but also the Congress, we even have supporters already talking proudly of being part of the new “1%” who refused to accept that status quo.

Even more important than Tuesday’s results, with your support, we have built a grassroots organization nationwide that is truly the foundation for carrying our message of individual freedom, small government and non-intervention forward in a big way. Tuesday was not the end. It is the beginning.

We have identified hundreds of thousands of liberty–minded Americans. We have connected with more than a million people on Google+, 300,000 fans on Facebook, and more than 100,000 followers on Twitter. And over the past few days–before and after Tuesday, “Who is Gary Johnson?” was one of the most “searched” phrases on the Internet.

NONE of that has happened without your help. Your time, your energy, and your contributions have placed Liberty squarely on the national stage, and with all signs pointing to a continuation of big government, small liberty policies in Washington DC, the NEED for Liberty to be on that stage will never be greater than in the months ahead.

I am taking a couple of days to recharge my batteries in New Mexico and, frankly, attend to some chores at home — and then I will be picking up the bullhorn again. We already have major national interviews scheduled for next week, and fully intend to use the foundation we have built to make sure we are heard in the critical policy debates that are already raging in the wake of Tuesday’s election.

The “fiscal cliff”, Internet regulation, and of course, events in the Middle East are all going to be dealt with in the weeks ahead – by the status quo government that was reelected Tuesday. It is critical that we not sit on the sidelines.

To make sure we ARE heard going forward, there is much we need to do. We have to pay the final bills for all the work we did leading up to the election. We have a tremendous amount of data collection and list organization to do. We need to update our website and social media pages. And of course, I will be traveling the country to give voice to Liberty. All those tasks, and many more, require funding.

I really want you to be a part of what we will be doing over the next few weeks, and I hope you will go to and help make sure we have the funding we need. What we have accomplished with the amount of money we have spent – compared to the so-called “major” party candidates – is nothing short of remarkable. And we are committed to carrying this work forward until the status quo strangle-hold is broken.

Tuesday’s election created a great opportunity for us. Being part of the “1%” that didn’t settle for the lesser of evils or the renewal of the status quo is soon to be a badge we can wear with pride, and more importantly, the foundation for a movement that America desperately needs.

You’ve been with me this far, and I sincerely hope I have earned your support as we look ahead. We have a lot of work to do, and I need your help.

Please go to today and make the contribution that will let us take advantage of the amazing opportunities we have created!

Words cannot capture my gratitude for all you have done, for your friendship, and for your dedication to a cause that is REALLY important. We have an exciting future – so let’s get to it!


Gov. Gary Johnson

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gary Johnson Breaks The 1 Million Vote Mark And The Future Looks Bright For Libertarianism

With the final totals still undecided, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has so far tallied 1,139,562 votes, good for nearly 1% of the national tally and breaking the previous high of 1980 candidate Ed Clark who received 921,128 or 1.06% of that elections votes.

Now, I was hoping for better as I predicted he would finish with 4%, but given that he was outspent 667-1 by his opponents, who also received 1000 times more media coverage, 1% is not a bad result.

What's even more encouraging is that this election defeat should be the death knell for the neocon/socon wing of the GOP and usher in a new movement toward the libertarian ideals of social tolerance in conjunction with fiscal conservatism.

The movement toward sane fiscal and foreign policy was started by the Ron Paul r3VOLution and turned into the Tea Party but was quickly co-opted by the GOP establishment and soon turned into nothing more than extension of the old guard GOP.

Well now we get to begin again and and get back to the roots of the movement. This time though we need to work the outside the two party paradigm to exert the pressure needed to move our nation in the right direction.

With our friends in the Ron Paul camp who want to work within the GOP to affect change, we libertarians need to also affect change within the Libertarian Party to have it more focused and less fractured by Left and Right Libertarians.

Gary Johnson's positive message of fiscal conservatism and social tolerance needs to be the guiding principle of this new LP. With Governor Johnson as our standard bearer, we can grow the seeds he planted in this election into a new tree of liberty.

United with a common goal we can be that irate, tireless minority that Samuel Adams spoke about and bring an end to the two party stranglehold on our Republic.

The days of the sunshine patriots has passed and we need to work towards rebuilding our fractured nation. The time for division and rhetoric is gone; time and again we have seen that path is a dead end. We need to educate our fellow Americans that there is a better path and that is through smaller government, personal responsibility and acceptance of our differences.

We also need to stand united against Leviathan and it's minions; taking the fight to them and never backing down. We need to, once and for all, shake the mindset that our only choice is the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil and in the end, it is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from it's government regardless of what the snake oil salesmen want us to believe.

The time has come for the next American Revolution and we are the new American Patriots. Let us build together for 2016 and beyond.

Libertas inaestimabilis res est

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gary Johnson At 3% In Final CNN/ORC National Poll

Hot off the interwebz, the latest CNN/ORC Poll has Gary Johnson at 3% among registered voters and 2% among likely voters.

Now while this would fall short of the 5% that the former New Mexico Governor is hoping for, if it holds it would mean somewhere north of 2.5 million votes for the Libertarian Party candidate.

Sadly, because of the media blackout on the Johnson campaign, most Americans will probably hear Gary Johnson's name for the first time on election night when the results are tallied. Little did they know that there was an actual fiscally conservative, socially tolerant candidate on the ballot that will turn out to be the X Factor in the election.

Q Suppose that the Presidential candidates on the ballot in your state included Barack Obama as the Democratic Party's candidate, Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate, Gary Johnson as the Libertarian party candidate, and Jill Stein as the Green party candidate, who would you be more likely to vote for? (IF UNSURE) As of today, who do you lean more toward? (RANDOM ORDER)

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Gary Johnson At 2% In NewsmaxZogby US Nationwide Tracking Poll

JZ Analytics 11/1-11/3

Mitt Romney......... 47%
Barack Obama.... 45%
Gary Johnson....... 2%
Jill Stein............. 1%
Virgil Goode...... <1%

If this is any barometer of how well Gary Johnson finishes, 2% based on 2008 turnout equates to roughly 2,626,000 votes.

Not bad for a candidate running on a shoestring with scant coverage from the lamestream mediots.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gary Johnson At 5% In CNN/ORC Ohio Poll

With only four days to go before the election, Gary Johnson is still polling well, at 5%, in the Buckeye State according to the latest CNN/ORC Poll.

Barack Obama..... 47%
Mitt Romney...... 44%
Gary Johnson...... 5%
Jill Stein........ 1%
Virgil Goode..... <1%

With over 5.7 million votes cast in the 2008 election, if this trend continues Governor Johnson has a a chance to win 286,000 votes if he stays at this level of support. Also, given his polling numbers across the nation, he should shatter the highest vote total received in a Presidential election by a Libertarian Party candidate which was 921,128 in 1980 by then candidate Ed Clark.

We must do our best in these last few days to get the word out about Gary Johnson and push him over the 5% mark nationally.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Washington Times Opinion - A Suggestion For Republicans: Consider Gary Johnson

Washington Times
This is not an election of Romney vs. Obama. This is anti-Obama vs. anti-Romney. No one really likes either candidate. No one is inspired by either of them. As a Republican, clearly Obama is not on your team, but neither is Romney. Certainly not our team leader.

Both Romney and Obama will drive full speed towards the cliff. The only difference is Obama will drive a little faster, but it's a negligible difference, and certainly not one worth spending energy on.

Our only hope to prevent a bleak dystopian scenario from unfolding is to send a powerful NO!! in the face of the forces that are pushing us there.

Fortunately, we do have a Presidential Candidate running that actually stands for limited government principles: Gary Johnson. And he's got a track record to back it up.

As a two term Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson vetoed 750 bills, which was about 1/3rd of all bills requiring his signature. He held the line on preventing his legislature's intentions for government's size, reach, and cost to grow, and that's how he was able to cut taxes 14 times while leaving New Mexico with a balanced budget and a healthy growing economy.

Most importantly, Gary Johnson is ideologically principled to protecting your life and liberty. Gary Johnson stands for everything the Tea Party represents. He is the ideal Tea Party candidate. His slogan is Live Free. He doesn't just speak it, he's backs it up, and he's taken some very bold stands that has caused him to be pushed out of the Republican Party by the mainstream establishment that has been running things.

It is that same mainstream establishment that led the Republican Party to its death in 2008. It was the Republican fight AGAINST the mainstream establishment that brought the wave of excitement to sweep up in 2010. It is that entrenched mainstream establishment that has to go if our country has any chance. Gary Johnson is the vehicle to help you accomplish that.
Read the rest here.

Gary Johnson At 5% In New CNN/ORC Colorado Poll

With less than a week before the election, Gary Johnson is still holding his own in Colorado in the latest CNN/ORC Poll.

Think about this for a moment, in 2008 almost 2.3 million people went to the polls in The Centennial State and if Governor Johnson pulls 4% he will come close to the 92,000 vote mark, having received nearly 53,000 more votes there than all of the 2008 3rd party candidates combined.

Not too shabby.

Q Suppose that the Presidential candidates on the ballot in your state included Barack Obama as the Democratic Party's candidate, Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate, Gary Johnson as the Libertarian party candidate, Jill Stein as the Green party candidate and Virgil Goode as the Constitution Party candidate who would you be more likely to vote for? - (IF UNSURE) As of today, who do you lean more toward? (RANDOM ORDER)

* less than 1%