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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gary Johnson At 7% In Latest PPP Poll

Gary Johnson is half way to where he needs to be in order to get into the debates but with little or no name recognition due to the media blackout he received when he was running for the GOP nomination, the sky is the limit.

The latest PPP Poll has the former two-term New Mexico Governor holding steady, for the third straight month, at 7% in a three way race against Barry and Mittens. 7% with a full 74% of those polled having no opinion of Gov Johnson.

Should Johnson win the Libertarian Party nomination, and the free press that comes with it, his stock will surely rise. Add to that the army of disaffected Ron Paul supporters who will be looking for a looking for a liberty minded candidate to get behind in November and Gary Johnson has the potential to jump up quickly to the 15-20% range rather quickly.

As a socially liberal, fiscal conservative who won two terms as a Republican in a Democratic leaning New Mexico, Johnson has broad appeal not only to Libertarians but to Independents, as well as centrist Democrats and Republicans.

A self-made man, Gary Johnson turned a one-man handyman business into one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico with over 1,000 employees.

While Governor, Johnson earned the nickname "Governor Veto" for his vetoes of over 750 spending bills, cut over 1,200 government jobs while adding 20,000 jobs to the state and left NM with a budget surplus when his terms were up. He is also a firm believer in our Constitution and the vision our Founders had for our Republic.

Gary Johnson will also be the only anti-war candidate in the race. Not only would he put an end to our interventionist foreign policy and it's foreign wars, but also the domestic wars against American citizens that are being waged on our liberty by the ever expanding police state. A viewpoint shared by the majority of Americans.

So, as the dust begins to settle in the GOP race, you need to ask yourself who do you want to be President in 2012? Do you want Obama, Obama-lite (Romney) or someone who has the experience and track record to effectively govern our nation?

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