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Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Romney Time, What's A Ron Paul Supporter To Do?

By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot

Stay the course, of course.

With Mittens fresh off of big wins in Florida and Nevada there is still a lot of race to run, 45 states to be exact, but it looks like it's Romney's to lose. A lot can happen between now and the GOP Convention, but we need to be realistic about Dr Paul's chances to win the nomination.

We can't give up however and Paul supporters still need to remain vocal in support of their chosen candidate because the important thing is to make sure that Ron Paul's message of Constitutional fidelity, limited government and non-interventionist foreign policy remains on the forefront of the GOP agenda.

There is also plan B.

Like Ron Paul, there will most likely be another candidate in the general election that shares his ideals of staying true to the intent of the founders; former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. Gov Johnson started the race as a GOP candidate but jumped ship to the Libertarian party after he received the "Ron Paul Treatment" from the mediots and party alike.

Gary Johnson too believes in Constitutional fidelity, limited government and non-interventionist foreign policy, presenting a viable alternative for Paul supporters come November.

As a two-term Governor, Johnson vetoed 750 spending bills and left New Mexico in far better shape than when he got there. Unlike the former Massachusetts Governor he did not force state run health care on the residents of his state with an increase in costs, but rather instituted a market-based approach to cut costs. Pound for pound Johnson's record as Governor of New Mexico trumps Romney's record as Governor of Massachusetts across the board.

Gary Johnson, like Romney, was also a successful businessman, turning his one-man handyman business into a company that employed over 1000 workers.

Ron Paul's steady 15-20% base of support needs to get behind Johnson in the general if we have any hopes of taking our Republic back. We need to be just as vocal and just as supportive of Gov Johnson if we want to push through the changes that Paul calls for.

The important thing for now is to stay in the fight to keep spreading the message of liberty. Ron Paul and his message needs to still be broadcast. It has been only through persistence that Ron Paul's message has gone from the fringe in the 2008 election to the mainstream today. The mediots and establishment still try to marginalize the message of liberty that Ron Paul promotes so we can't give up now.

We still need to spread the message because whether Ron Paul is the nominee or not, we need make sure Leviathan is brought to it's knees and Gary Johnson in 2012 is our next best hope for doing just that.