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Monday, October 22, 2012

Gary Johnson Halloween Mask

If you want to be really scary for Halloween you can print Obama and Romney cut out masks, but for those of us who prefer Treats to Tricks the Gary Johnson Grassroots blog has created a Gary Johnson cut out mask.

Click on the image to open the image in it's own window and then you can print the full size image on 8.5x11 piece of paper, cut it out, put some string through it and you are all set for Halloween.

You can accessorize the mask in a number of ways.

  • Wear a construction belt if you want to be American Businessman Gary Johnson. 
  • Wear a suit and carry an oversized pen to be Governor Gary "Veto" Johnson. 
  • Wear biker/running shorts to be Iron Man Gary Johnson.
  • Wear a winter jacket, crampons, ice pick to be Mt Everest Summiting Gary Johnson
  • Bring your dog and a shovel to show how Gary Johnson's neighbor's dogs can create more shovel ready jobs than the current administration.
  • How do you plan on accessorizing your Gary Johnson mask?

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