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Friday, September 14, 2012

Latest From PPP Polls In Montana - Gary Johnson At 7%

PPP Polls

Q If the candidates for President this year were
Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Mitt
Romney, and Libertarian Gary Johnson, who
would you vote for?

Mitt Romney..... 46%
Barack Obama.... 43%
Gary Johnson..... 7%
Undecided........ 5%

Down 1% from May but he is still staying respectable this late in the race.

And, Montana voters still don't know who Gary Johnson is, with 78% of respondents having no opinion of him. He fares best among Independents with only 70% having no opinion while he is more unknown with Democrats (83% no opinion) than Republicans (81% no opinion).

Independents are also where the former New Mexico Governor is strongest, getting 14% support. He also hurts Romney the most in this group as the former Massachusetts Governor loses 9% support versus 4% for Obama when Johnson is included in the matchup.

Yet again, this is another poll that shows that Gary Johnson will be a factor in this race as when he is included in a poll, he puts the race between Barry and Mittens within the margin of error.

Is it any wonder that the GOP is working so hard to keep him of the ballot and both parties do not want him in the debates?

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