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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gary Johnson Calls For Withdrawal From The Middle East

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The choice is clear, if you want to end Leviathan's overseas intervention, Gary Johnson will be your Anti-War President.

Allentown (PA) Morning Call
Little-known presidential candidate Gary Johnson gave an answer that would create a media firestorm if delivered by Barack Obama or Mitt Romney: the United States should get out of the Middle East.

Johnson, a Libertarian who is on 47 state ballots and fighting petition challenges in the other three, including Pennsylvania, suggested that the U.S. presence in the Middle East is abetting unrest in the region.

"Get out of these embassies, just plain get out," Johnson said in an interview Monday with the Allentown Morning Call. "Right now, they seem to be the focal point for being able to express that dissension.”

"What are U.S. interests when it comes to the Middle East? If it's keeping us safe, I would argue that our military interventions are what are keeping us unsafe. We're over there and innocent people are dying. When we wag our tail, there's a consequence of that tail wag."

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