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Friday, September 14, 2012

UPDATED 9/14 Who's Afraid Of Gary Johnson? Mittens And The GOP Part IV (Oklahoma)

EDITOR'S NOTE 8/31 - The Oklahoma Americans Elect Party has sued the State Board of Elections and a hearing before a State Supreme Court referee will take place on September 5th.

Keep your fingers crossed, the Oklahoma Americans Elect Party has a pretty compelling case.

EDITOR'S NOTE 9/14 - The Oklahoma State Supreme Court has issued a decision, refusing to force the Oklahoma State Election Board to put Gary Johnson on the ballot as the Americans Elect candidate.

Unless there is some last minute miracle, Gary Johnson will not be on the ballot in Oklahoma.

Well, there's no proof that the GOP had a hand in this one but, here we go again.

On the heals of the campaign's victory in Iowa, barring an appeal, and the looming battle in Pennsylvania along with a tough road to hoe in Michigan, the Oklahoma State Election Board removed the Johnson/Gray ticket from The Sooner State's ballot as the Americans Elect Party candidates.

Since the Libertarian Party failed to achieve ballot status in one of the toughest, if not the toughest, states to gain access as a 3rd party, local officers of Americans Elect helped the former New Mexico Governor win the party's nod at their state convention.

Now, however, since the national board of Americans Elect has pulled the plug on fielding any national candidates for President, the Oklahoma State Election Board got involved and issued a 20 page opinion on August 17th which was kept secret from the Americans Elect Party state officers.

In a statement issued to CapitolBeatOK Wednesday morning by Paul Ziriax, secretary of the state Election Board, Ziriax said,
“You have previously asked me about the conflicting instructions the State Election Board received from the Directors of the Americans Elect party and a local group claiming to on act on behalf of the Americans Elect party. (The Board of Directors of the party instructs that the Americans Elect party will not field any candidates for President or Vice President, while the local group instructs that the party has chosen candidates for President and Vice President – the same candidates chosen by the Libertarian Party in other states.)”
This is of course crap but it should come as no surprise since the Republiocrats will do anything to shut out any other party that wants a seat at the table.

We'll keep you updated on any new developments.

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