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Friday, November 2, 2012

Gary Johnson At 5% In New CNN/ORC Colorado Poll

With less than a week before the election, Gary Johnson is still holding his own in Colorado in the latest CNN/ORC Poll.

Think about this for a moment, in 2008 almost 2.3 million people went to the polls in The Centennial State and if Governor Johnson pulls 4% he will come close to the 92,000 vote mark, having received nearly 53,000 more votes there than all of the 2008 3rd party candidates combined.

Not too shabby.

Q Suppose that the Presidential candidates on the ballot in your state included Barack Obama as the Democratic Party's candidate, Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate, Gary Johnson as the Libertarian party candidate, Jill Stein as the Green party candidate and Virgil Goode as the Constitution Party candidate who would you be more likely to vote for? - (IF UNSURE) As of today, who do you lean more toward? (RANDOM ORDER)

* less than 1%

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