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Monday, May 7, 2012

Gary Johnson At 15% In New Mexico And 8% In Montana

There is an expectation that Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson will be strong in the western states and two recent PPP Polls bear that out.

In the April 25 New Mexico Poll, the state's former two-term Governor polls at 15%.

Barack Obama... 48%
Mitt Romney.... 35%
Gary Johnson... 15%
Undecided....... 2%

It should come as no surprise that the Libertarian Johnson is strongest among Independents with 23% and closely followed with 20% Republicans. He is only getting 10% support from Democrats.

In the most recent PPP release, Montana on May 2, Gov Johnson is polling at 8% against his rivals, with another strong showing among Independents at 15%.

Mitt Romney.... 43%
Barack Obama... 41%
Gary Johnson.... 8%
Undecided....... 7%

While both polls, along with PPP's most recent national poll, show that Gary Johnson has some serious ground to make up, keep in mind that he has low name recognition and been running on a small budget thus far. Now, his status as Libertarian Party nominee should open up more doors, and donors, which will hopefully elevate his status in the polls to over 15% and earn him a spot on the debate stage with his Republiocrat rivals.

The battle begins with a strong showing in the West with Independents being the key.

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