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Monday, May 28, 2012

Gary Johnson At 9% In Arizona

Outside of his home state of New Mexico, Gary Johnson has polled his highest total, 9% in Arizona according to PPP's May 23 poll of the Grand Canyon State, showing that the Libertarian nominee is indeed strongest in the West. What's most amazing about this number is that a full 80% of the respondents had no opinion of the former New Mexico Governor.

Mitt Romney..... 45%
Barack Obama.... 41%
Gary Johnson..... 9%
Undecided........ 6%

As with previous polls, Johnson is strongest among Independents at 15%. Also, as in previous polls, he does well among those that self-identify as "very conservative" with 11% support. In Arizona he has even gone above 10% among those who identify as "somewhat conservative", but the surprise here is that he is doing better with those on the other end of the political spectrum, the "very liberal" respondents, at 12%. With this type of broad-based support, Gary Johnson's message of being fiscally responsible and socially tolerant could turn out to be what the electorate is looking for.

The momentum continues to build for Gary Johnson but we need to still help spread the message.

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