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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Latest From PPP: Gary Johnson At 6% In North Carolina

More encouraging news for the Johnson campaign today with the release of the latest PPP Poll where the former New Mexico Governor comes in at 6%. In North Carolina, like the rest of the states polled, Gary Johnson is virtually unknown with only 22% of respondents having an opinion of him. Once again he is strongest among Independents with 12% support and just like in yesterday's NH poll, Johnson pulls away votes just about equally from Romney (3%) and Obama (2%).

Q. If the candidates for President this year were
Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Mitt
Romney, and Libertarian Gary Johnson, who
would you vote for?

Barack Obama... 46%
Mitt Romney.... 44%
Gary Johnson.... 6%
Undecided....... 4%

With all the recent PPP Polls showing Governor Johnson in the 6-7% range with minimal name recognition, he has nowhere to go but up.

The next goal is to raise his poll numbers to 15% in order to qualify for the national debates against Barry and Mittens. Once he gets that type of exposure and the voting public hears his fiscally responsible and socially tolerant message on the same stage as his fiscally irresponsible and socially intolerant rivals, the sky is the limit.

So please do what you can to spread Gary Johnson's message and make a donation to his campaign if you can.

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