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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gary Johnson At 7% In Latest New Hampshire Poll

I was hoping for a little more support for Gary Johnson in the Granite State given the amount of campaigning he did there late last year and the fact that New Hampshire is a very libertarian state, but coming in at 7% in the latest PPP Poll is ok considering 65% of those polled have no opinion of the former New Mexico Governor.

Q. If the candidates for President this year were
Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Mitt
Romney, and Libertarian Gary Johnson, who
would you vote for?

Barack Obama... 51%
Mitt Romney.... 38%
Gary Johnson ... 7%
Undecided....... 4%

Johnson is still at his strongest among Independents at 12% while only garnering 6% support from Republicans and 3% from Democrats. The one number that jumped out at me is his 13% support among those that self-identify as very conservative. This is the highest rating among the various political ideologies.

For those on the right who want to say that a vote for Johnson is a vote for Barry, Gary Johnson pulls slightly more from Obama (3%) than he does from Romney (2%), so thus far he's not going to make or break either rival.

All in all the the Johnson campaign should be pleased that they are off to a respectable start with still 5 months to build momentum before the election.

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