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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gary Johnson At 6% Against Obama/Romney In Latest PPP Poll

Gary Johnson may be down a point from last month but his favorability rating has jumped 2 points to 6% and his unfavorability has dropped 3 points to 19%, with 75% still unsure.

Romney may be seeing a bump now that he has basically sown up the GOP nomination but as Reagan biographer Craig Shirley puts it, "conservatives will seriously consider walking away and looking at the candidacy of Gary Johnson."

I would also expect to Ron Paul supporters get over their sour grapes and come to their senses to back a Johnson candidacy once the GOP race is officially over. Paul's backers need to come to the realization that it is about the message, not the messenger, and that Gary Johnson best represents the limited-government, individual-liberty ideals that Dr Paul espouses.

Ron Paul's supporters need to remember that prior to his running, the Texas Congressman went as far as saying that he’d “most likely” throw his weight behind Johnson, stating “I can’t imagine endorsing anybody else” if he didn't enter the race.

I urge those of you in the Paul camp to get behind Gary Johnson. With your help we can push the former two-term New Mexico Governor over the FEC's arbitrary 15% bar to get on the debate stage against Barry and Mitt.

There is a choice this time around if we have any hopes of stopping Leviathan.

If you are a conservative, libertarian or independent who is considering voting for Romney solely because he is the lesser of two evils; just remember, you are still voting for an evil.

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