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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Supporter buys ad in NH's largest paper to protest media elite's exclusion of Johnson

The exclusion of Governor Gary Johnson "gnaws your craw" according to Kerry Welsh who bought two ad spots in NH's largest newspaper the Manchester Union Leader to express his frustration and highlight Governor Johnson's personal, business, and political record.

Welsh's website has links to email, phone, and twitter contacts for the three media cosponsors of the first GOP debate in NH, along with the pdf version of the advertisement.

The ad appeared on page A5 of Wednesday's issue. While on the front page the Union Leader listed the criteria for the debate. Johnson's poll numbers ranged from 1-3% depending on how many non-candidates the pollsters decided to include, or if they even included Johnson. CNN only included him in one poll in May.

Welsh's ad is scheduled to appear again in the upcoming Sunday issue.

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