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Monday, May 16, 2016

NM Political Report Poll 5-16-16: Former Governer Gary Johnson At 14%

A poll conducted for NM Political Report by Public Policy Polling shows that Hillary Clinton would lead a general election match-up against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and possible Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson.

Clinton is the likely Democratic Party nominee.

The poll, conducted this weekend, found that Clinton leads in a three-way race with 41 percent of the support of likely New Mexico voters. Trump would come in second with 33 percent and Johnson would receive 14 percent of support. Johnson is a former two-term New Mexico governor.

One reason Johnson receives so much support for a third party candidate may be the low favorable ratings for Clinton and Trump, who are both well underwater.

Clinton and Trump hold large leads among their parties, but not at levels normally seen among nominees. Clinton receives the support of 67 percent of Democrats to Trump’s 11 percent and Johnson’s 10 percent. Trump, meanwhile, receives the support of 62 percent of Republicans to Johnson’s 16 percent and Clinton’s 14 percent.

Clinton narrowly leads among independents, with 31 percent to Trump’s 25 percent and Johnson’s 19 percent.

Johnson was a Republican when he served as governor.

Another area where Clinton holds a large advantage is among Hispanic voters, perhaps because of Trump’s history of inflammatory rhetoric against Mexicans and others.

Clinton receives the support of 56 percent of Hispanic voters to Trump’s 19 percent and Johnson’s 19 percent. Trump leads with white voters at 47 percent to Clinton’s 29 percent and Johnson’s 14 percent. In ethnicities listed as “other,” Clinton leads 41 percent to Trump’s 23 percent and Johnson’s 21 percent.

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