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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

HuffPo - Hey, What’s Up With Gary Johnson?

Wouldn't it be refreshing for the POTUS to be someoneone you'd want to kick back with and maybe go for a run?
Johnson has a lot of unimpeachably good qualities. He’s a really nice and decent guy. He’s a triathlete and an avid outdoorsman who has actually climbed Mount Everest. He met his wife, Kate Prusack, on a bike ride, which is pretty romantic. He built his own home, likes legal weed, humane immigration policies, and ticks off that “fiscal conservative/social liberal“ box many people say they like. I can’t recall him ever going out of his way to make anyone feel bad.

He was also the governor of New Mexico, and if you haven’t noticed, New Mexico still exists. He didn’t destroy it. Read about it here, courtesy of the New Mexico Political Report.

So, you know, not too shabby!
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