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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gary Johnson Makes The Cut - Invited To FOX/Google Debate Thursday

It's about time.

It was quite frustrating to see the mediots exclude a legitimate candidate like Governor Gary Johnson even though he was polling ahead of their darlings Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman.

Daily Beast
Gary Johnson, the Republican presidential candidate who has labored in obscurity, is about to get his moment in the spotlight—for one night, at least.
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Johnson will be included in Thursday's Fox News debate in Orlando, the first time he will share a stage with his eight rivals—over the objections of the Florida Republican Party.

The former New Mexico governor won the right to participate, according to Fox sources, by cracking 1 percent in the latest five national polls in which he was included—Fox News, CNN, McClatchy-Marist, ABC, and Quinnipiac—which was the criterion the network had set for inclusion.

Johnson is a quirky character, a libertarian who wants to legalize marijuana and is opposed to a border fence to stop illegal immigration. But he has attracted a passionate if tiny following while mostly flying below the media's radar.
The Florida GOP establishment isn't too pleased about his inclusion however, I guess they want more of the Mitt and Rick show.

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