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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A "Money Avalanche" instead of "Money Bombs"

Gary Johnson supporters have created "Money Avalanche" for Johnson's presidential campaign.

Ron Paul immortalized the Money Bomb. Since Governor Gary Johnson is an avid skier supporters decided a Money Avalanche was more appropriate.

The Money Avalanche started on July 22 with a goal of raising $1 (yes one dollar). The goal doubles the next day to $2, then $4 a so on. You might of tried doing this in grade school doubling a penny every day of the month. While it starts slow the momentum builds and you are looking at some pretty real numbers.

The goal is to raise approximately one million dollars for Johnson by the Ames Debate on August 11.

There is Facebook event created and the ability to sign up for daily e-mail status updates on the money avalanche page.

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