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Saturday, July 14, 2012

LP VP Judge Gray Announces $1,000,000 Donation

Independent Political Report

Judge Jim Gray, at the Gary Johnson fundraiser held at former VP Nominee and current LNC member Wayne Allyn Root’s home, before a crowd of about 80 donors gathered around the outdoor pool on an unusually cool and humid Las Vegas evening, announced that a generous Libertarian supporter had recently donated $1,000,000 to a super pac supporting the Gary Johnson 2012 campaign to “keep us going.”

Judge Gray then repeated his statement that he accepted Governor Johnson’s invitation to become his VP running mate on the condition that the Governor run the race to win it. Judge Gray then outlined what he sees as a strategy to win — fighting “tooth and nail” to get into the debates, providing a message that Americans are “craving,” and running national advertising reminding voters that the hundreds of millions spent by Obama and Romney represent dollars that they owe others for political favors, while a vote for Johnson/Gray is a vote to represent real people, not special interests. He also encouraged everyone present to urge their friends not to hang up on polling companies, and to tell them they were supporting Governor Johnson . . . at least long enough to make the 15 percent polling hurdle for being in the debates.

Prior to Judge Gray’s announcement the Root family hosted a perfectly executed dinner party in their spacious Henderson NV home. BBQ Ribs, alcohol, fine desserts and all the extras flowed abundantly. LNC member Brett Pojunis introduced the first speaker who related a story of fishing in Alaska with a friend who was so (either fatigued, or inspired by) hearing stories about Gary Johnson that he eventually donated $2,500.00. Wayne was next, mentioning that he had never been fishing, but in what may have been his most adamant and passionate endorsement of the Johnson/Gray campaign urged everyone present to “give till it hurts” and to support the campaign because “while the Democrats are driving over the cliff at 180 mph, the Republicans are driving at that same cliff at 120 mph” and “we’re heading over the cliff either way” and “we can’t let that happen.” Wayne urged everyone present to support Gary Johnson.

Gary then gave an impassioned appeal for support declaring his intention to win and relating how he was also given zero chance of being elected Governor of New Mexico. His success there was due to running cutting edge videos and catching the support of both disaffected Republicans and Democrats. He described himself not as a “third choice” but as the ONLY choice given the similar positions of Romney and Obama on wars, taxes, health care, social tolerance, domestic spying, the police state and liberty verses massive government intervention into all areas of American life.

Judge Gray made remarks as summarized above and then introduced long-time Republican political operative Roger Stone. Stone related his conversion to Libertarianism following work on 8 Republican national elections and declared that he “plays the odds” and that the odds are moving strongly in a libertarian direction. He described Johnson/Gray as the most qualified, most articulate candidates in the race, clearly credible and missing only the cash (or “mother’s milk of politics”) needed to break through for a win. He encouraged everyone present to give the maximum of $2,500 per individual or more through the PAC identified by Judge Gray. He mentioned, to laughter, that there were people with baseball bats at the doors waiting for those who failed to give as much as they can.

Brett then thanked everyone for coming. Wayne reminded everyone that this is Las Vegas, and there were “really people with baseball bats” and again asked everyone present to support the campaign. He also introduced a professional photographer who was present to take photos of anyone who wanted one with the Governor, Judge or anyone else.

In this reporter’s experience the event was perfectly executed, very well attended and an apparent unqualified success. The crowd seemed energized and was reluctant to leave. Several small buses were used to transport attendees from Freedom Fest to Wayne’s home and back. The bus ride back was, at least for the bus this reporter was on, highly energized with expressions of gratitude to the Roots, the million dollar donor and for the very real possibility that Gary Johnson and Judge Gray could actually be in the debates.


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  2. As a true Libertarian, a lover of Rand, Locke and Smith, and a believer in the concept of America, I must declare:

    Mr. Johnson, this is not the time!

    The stakes here are higher in this election than ever before.

    Higher than with Carter, Clinton, or any other incumbent Democrat you'd care to name.

    Mitt must win this election!

    Now is the time for all decent liberarians, those who put America above political parties, to get behind Mitt and Paul.

    This election looks like it will be a tight race. Every vote is needed, every dollar is needed, every ounce of energy is needed.

    For the sake of our beloved nation, I ask all Libertarians to take down their political shingles for this one, and do everything we can to get Obama out of office. Even if the means supporting the Republican candidate.

    1. Why?

      We've been hearing that tired song by the Republiocrats forever "just give us one more chance and we promise...". Just look at what came out of the 2010 midterms, nothing.

      Sorry but this boy ain't playing ball.


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