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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gary Johnson In The News

Nice to see that Gary Johnson is starting to get some semi-positive mentions these days, although it is more about his role as a spoiler in the election rather than what makes him a better choice than his two indistinguishable opponents.

Any press is good press though.

Is Libertarian Gary Johnson the Wild Card in Fall Election?

Could Libertarian Johnson hurt Romney in the West?

Gary Johnson Has The Beltway’s Attention

This is just the beginning but, in order to raise Governor Johnson's nation profile, which in turn gets him more media coverage, it is important to get him in the national polls. The more people that hear his message, the better his chances are of reaching the 15% mark and puts him in the debates against Barry and Mittens.

Please do what you can to promote Gary Johnson whether it be blog posts, tweets, telling friends and family or emailing the media.

Every little bit helps.

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