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Friday, September 9, 2011

Tell PPP To Include Gary Johnson In GOP Polls

Public Policy Polling (PPP) has removed Sarah Palin from their 2012 GOP polls and is asking for suggestions on who, if anyone, should replace her.

Please let them know via Twitter, at @ppppolls, that former NM Governor Gary Johnson deserves to be included in their GOP polls.

Not only is Governor Johnson, a 2 term governor who vetoed 750 spending bills and left the state with a budget surplus, a legitimate candidate for President in 2012 but he has been polling better than Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman in polls that he has been included in and also within 1 percentage point of Herman Cain.

It is not up to the media and polling organizations to determine who should be in the race and by excluding people such as Gov Johnson and Rep McCotter from polls and debates, they are taking on the role of kingmakers and taking the choice away from you and I.

Via Memeorandum

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